BLOO specializes in water Sanitation, Sewage and Effluent Treatment using a Biocide.


What is a Biocide?


The Biocide is an inorganic Multi-Metal Ligand complex, that has unique water sanitation properties. It contains trace elements that control Algae, Waterborn diseases (Vibrio cholerae, yellow fever, ext.), Bacterial growth and Fungi and settle them out as harmless nutrients.


The Biocide quickly stimulates the bacteria so that the waste quickly decomposes. In the process it prevents smells, and when the smells are gone so are the flies and cockroaches.


The Biocide is manufactured in South Africa and therefore it is a proudly South African product


Environmentally Friendly


The Biocide is entirely natural and it does not contain any hazardous or poisonous chemicals.


The Biocide will prevent the incidence of pathogens entering the ground water system, bad bacteria is eliminated so that it has less impact on drinking water.


Benefits for Toilets


The Biocide can increase the lifespan of pit toilets almost indefinitely depending on the amount of rubbish such as plastic, nappies, sanitary towels, etc. being disposed of in the pit toilet.

Biocide used regularly, will prevent the level of the waste from rising and It should therefore not be necessary to dig another pit again while it is being treated with Biocide, provided no more rubbish is thrown into the toilet.

With Biocide there should be no reason why a septic tank has to be emptied with a vacuum tanker if correctly treated. Regular treatments with Biocide and good housekeeping can make this a reality.


 The Biocide is Suitable for the treatment of: -


Pit Toilets (Pit Latrines, VIP's and Blair Toilets), Septic Tanks, Soak Pits (French drains) and package plants



Wastewater treatment plants treating:



The Biocide is NOT?


a chemical or an enzyme


The Biocide is harmless to people, animals and crops.







BLOO specializes in water Sanitation, Sewage and Effluent Treatment.

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