Bloo is an ionized solution that kills bad bacteria and has unique water sanitation abilities. Bloo interacts with the impurities either by dissolving or suspending them in the water, therefore making the water fit for industrial, recreational and human consumption.


Bloo added to any water system inter‐acts with the impurities and settles them out as harmless nutrients.


Bloo has many applications for industrial as well as personal use:


  • Drinking water sanitation.
  • General disinfectant.
  • Control of Fungicide I Algaecide.
  • Control of smell and bacteria at Abattoirs.
  • Malaria & Mosquito control.
  • Sewage Plant e-coli control.
  • Agricultural Pesticide.
  • Cooling Systems de‐calcification.


This product with all of its applications is truly a Global Water Solution


Developed and produced in South Africa

Unique Properties

Water contaminated with organic matter like bacteria, will be sterilized with the addition of Bloo


The dosage levels are determined by the amount of impurities in the water.


Any bad Bacteria and Algae present in the water will be destroyed, decompose and be settle out in filtration systems.


The an-ion properties of Bloo, induce natural charged suspensions and then form part of the sludge to be filtered.

This phenomenon is an improvement on the previously used metal salts whereby alternative products added salt residue to a water system, namely Chlorides, Sulphates and Carbonates that had to be removed.


The residue of Bloo complexes with organic matter is then filtered out


Independent toxicity testing on drinking water revealed that Bloo holds no danger of reaching toxic levels for humans, plants or fish.


Bloo is effective when used in either simplistic or real complex water systems.



Used in Drinking Water

Drinking water sanitation is a costly and complicated process especially in rural areas.


Cholera and Faecal deposited organisms present even more of a problem after disasters like floods.


Bloo offers a simplistic as well as cost effective solution for ensuring clean drinking water.


Individuals can use Bloo by adding one drop per liter of water.

This will ensure clean, clear and safe drinking water in even the most remote areas.


Treatment at point of supply is just as easy with Bloo.

Point of supply containers are treated to keep supply point clear of contamination.

Treatment of waterworks with Bloo ensures a cost effective and trustworthy supply of drinking water


Advantages of using Bloo in drinking water systems.


  1. Natural minerals (sometimes absent from water) are restored. Water is softened.
  2. Fungi present in wash water is eliminated, which is effective in the treatment of conditions like "Athlete's foot' and thrush.


Bloo will contain and prevent the outbreaks of water Bourne diseases like Cholera quickly and effectively.

Fungicide / Algicide

The Algae Mycrocystis Aeruginosa has become an international concern.


This algae is thriving on the conditions where phosphates from the ever growing agricultural activities in catchment areas, end up in water reservoirs and dams.


Mycrocystis is toxic to humans and animals and causes skin irritations.


The Hartebeespoort Dam is badly infected causing major problems for residents and authorities alike.

Residents were complaining of headaches and an unbearable stench from the algae.


An area in the Hartebeespoort Dam was treated with bloo.


The results were monitored over a 72 hour period.

Coagulation of Mycrocystis started immediately on contact.

After 24 hours the coagulation process and elimination of Mycrocystis on the surface was visible.

After 48 hours the water showed a significant reduction on surface Algae and the stench started to disappear.

72 Hours later the water was almost perfectly clear with only thick concentrations of Algae in very few places left. The stench   completely disappeared.


Bloo plays an important role in agriculture by supporting the farmer in providing healthy crops and animals,


Bloo can provide Biological control of pests on fruit trees and vegetables. Vegetable farmers have reported a complete break in the cycle of damaging nematodes in the soil.


Bloo used in the irrigation systems will not only de-calcify the system, but is beneficial in preparing soil for new crops.


Game and cattle farmers are able to use Blooto treat drinking water points for their animals, producing healthy offspring. This treatment is effective against worms, guards against gastric problems and keeps drinking areas clean and without algae.


Bacterial growth in dams and standing water is greatly reduced, keeping drinking water clean and safe for longer periods of time.


This application should be of great value to game farmers that are unable to frequent their animal drinking points


A special mention must be made of the role Bloo plays in the treatment as well as prevention of Foot and Mouth disease.

The ease of use of the product makes it affordable as well as available to rural farmers that have little access to agricultural support systems.


Cooling systems, either closed or open, benefit greatly from addition of Bloo.


All pipes, tanks, heating elements and taps are kept free of calcium build up.


When introduced into existing systems Bloo removes any calcium build up and ensures future clean systems, thus extending the life of expensive equipment.


The bactericide effect of Bloo is effective against eliminating Legionella from cooling towers.


Bloo is an effective against algaecide/ fungizide and eliminates algae and fungi growth in cooling towers.


Adding Bloo to cooling systems is safe and uncomplicated.




Health regulations and safety control in abattoirs are of great importance and is well monitored.


The use of chemicals in this industry tends to be problematic to owners, consumers and control bodies alike.


Bacterial growth, odors and flies are just some of the factors that need strict control in abattoirs.


Bloo offers an all in one solution for abattoirs and other areas where food is produced and handled.


Bloo has proved its effectiveness when used to spray working areas, open pits and places where meat and other food is processed.


Odors are removed by eliminating the bacteria that is the main cause of odors.


Bacterial growth is eliminated without adding any toxic substance to working areas or food.

Malaria Control

Bloo is fast becoming an essential part of malaria control.


The biological control of Malaria by breaking the breading cycle of the mosquito is where Bloo steps in as first line of defense.


When introduced into standing water, the main breeding ground for mosquitos HydroCure disturbs the alkalinity of the first and second instar larvae, killing them in the process.


The toxic effect on the water for human and animal consumption is non-existent whilst killing off the larvae.


This sets Bloo apart from other methods used like DDT that is toxic to humans and animals.


Extensive ongoing research by leading institutions will secure Bloo  as a cost effective and non-intrusive method of fighting the war against Malaria.



Fly Control

Bloo shows great effectiveness in FLY control by killing larvae present in raw sewerage and water contaminated with organic matter. Fly maggots like the rat-tailed maggot are found in manure pits, polluted drainage ditches and water tanks, pools of runoff around manure mounds and similar sites.


Particular high concentrations are also found around farms and fertilizer plants.


The biological control of flies is possible by breaking the life cycle of the fly.


This is where Bloo steps forward as a first-line of defense.


The toxic effect on the water for human and animal consumption is non- existent whilst killing off the larvae.


Dosage is via direct spraying and solutions of 0 1 % to 0.3% proved successful


Extensive ongoing research by leading institutions should secure Bloo as cost effective and non- intrusive method of fly control.









BLOO specializes in water Sanitation, Sewage and Effluent Treatment.

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